Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

"British rappers criticise Jay-Z" (Repost from AFRO-EUROPE)

via http://afroeurope.blogspot.com

"The UK Hip Hop scene is not amused with Jay Z’s visit to the White House. Wasn't Hip Hop about fighting the power? Apparently things have changed according to British rappers Akala and Lowkey. "Is Hip Hop serving power, or is Hip Hop challenging power," that is question. And, "if the US government loves the same rappers as you love, you have to question whose interests are those rappers serving. “

In a conversations three British minds (Akala, Lowkey and Saul Williams) discuss the current state of hip-hop and it's misguided use by the youth of today. They underline the various struggles in making music as an independent artist." AFRO-EUROPE

Saul Williams (NY) isn't really that British. I like him anyway.

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