Sonntag, 25. April 2010

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This poem is from the future
but since you you been good
you get it early.

This poem will tell you about
great investments and will probably make u filthy rich
don't be shy. u deserve it.

This poem tells nothing about racism
because in the future
poets of colour write about the beauty
of health care and flowers
and grandkids who rap about love
In the future we rap about love
over beats made from smashing laptops against walls
rhythmically in sync with the tapping of
next door's love birds.
In the future we love tooo much

This poem is known by all future activists
they recite it in cyphers in front of the mosque
and laugh about it,
because it won't prevent the water
from entering the basement
In case you really wonder
bout the money part:
I lied. Your children spent it all.
but future activists recall days of lesser joy.
I came to tell u it's all decoy.

Babies come from space. Space is made of honey.
Future robots boogie down the boulevards of Lagos.
You'll love it.

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